We use some of CMS software if anyone required a project which can build by CMS. So give below, I shall explain how to use CMS for our clients need.

1. Traffic Concurrency
Magento has no issues handling massive stores, as long as your host will manage them. Whereas WordPress and Woo Commerce may be a tiny engine and has limitation.
2. No of product
Though each the Platforms offers unlimited product bit still word press has the limitation in handling.
3. Features
Magento has the heap of intrinsically options and in particular it the largest community within the world most. WordPress and Woo Commerce offer all Basics E-commerce Practicality and extensions obtainable to boost the e-commerce expertise.
4. Running price
Magento running price is additionally on top of the WordPress, you'll be able to Run WordPress in Shared server except for Magento you would like at least a VPS with 4GB RAM.
5. Security
WordPress and Woo Commerce Include basic safety features to guard your store. Magento Offers advanced safety features, likewise as dedicated patches to shut any vulnerability that arise.
6. Simple Use
WordPress and Woo Commerce Platform is remarkably easy-to-use, Woo Commerce may be a sensible choice for users with no e-commerce expertise – doubly therefore if they’ve used WordPress before. Magento is suggested for users that have (at least) a basic level of net development data.
7. Quantifiability
Magento is constructed for quantifiability. It is no issues handling massive stores, as long as your host will manage them. We will scale it to any level. WordPress has the limitation as its basic structure cannot permit to on the far side a limit.
Good for Start-ups or beginners who need to start out humble, wherever as Magento Development is ideal for middle size to huge stores handing high traffic and Concurrency.